Welcome to the Life Insurance Settlements Opportunity.


Est. 143 Billion in Life insurance lapsed annually by insured 65 years or older!

As it stands today, nearly 88% of universal life insurance policies and almost 85% of Term life insurance policies never actually result in a death claim.

Fact: The number and amount of lapsed policies by Americans over the age of 65 is staggering: more than 250,000 policies are lapsed or surrendered back to the life insurance companies each year, that's over $100 Billion Dollars.

A study conducted by the Insurance Studies Institute, concluded that 90% of the seniors they surveyed who had lapsed a policy, would have considered a life settlement if they knew one had existed.

  This is not good for the Insureds, who may receive nothing after many years of premiums, or a small cash value, or the Life Insurance Companies, who loses premium payments.

 This is mostly due to... No longer needed, wanted, cannot afford anymore, or Estate value declines. There are  many reasons that your Life Insurance policy is no longer valid, but rather than lapsing, it can be turned into Cash.

As Approved Licensed Brokers, and Certified Senior Advisors, we negotiate this process for you, and ease the difficulty of settlement hunting. Then you can use the money for medical bills, college tuition, financial relief, retirement assistance, anything you want. Everyday thousands of seniors are finding this alternative.

Here are General parameters for selling your policy.

65 years or older

$100,000 Minimum policy to $20 Million

If you are younger than 65 and have concerned health issues, you may qualify.

Divorce, Retirement, death of a spouse, other possible variables, Etc...  you may qualify...

Almost any kind of policy can be sold..Universal Life, Whole Life, Term Life, Second to die, First to die, Group (If it is convertible) Variable Universal, ETC. You can also just sell, a portion of your policy.

Now you see why it is imperative that you contact us. A Cash settlement may be your answer.


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