The Maranzino Life Settlements group Welcomes:

Life Insurance Sales professionals

Financial Planners


Elder Care Attorneys

Estate Planners


All Financial Professionals


 Nationwide, that want to help their clients benefit from a settlement. We make sure all alternatives are examined first, because we act only in the best interest of the client.  We specialize in Settlements and will not compete with you with any product or service you may be offering. A healthy partnership is our goal. After decades of seeing clients lose because the policy does not offer another way out, we have chosen to now help those in need of closing their policy by marketing them to many finance investment groups to obtain the highest bid, and YOU will receive a financial reward.

As a Certified Senior Advisor the best interest of your client is our focus. You will always be apprised of the situation and aware of its potential benefits for your client. Also how it could be used to enhance your product line, for the benefit of your client.


Referral fees are happily paid for your referral. Free money for a client for the company.

We want everyone to win.

Since the client is receiving Cash, much can be done (by you) to further assist them in their financial situation.  We look forward to hearing from you and we offer a free video and Brochures to learn how to bring up the Settlement solution.  Please use the contact page to share your information so we can develop a relationship and email copies of the brochure and send you our quick video to use for you clients. Just play the video and let them decide, then send their information to us. You need not explain anymore than that.  Then when the policy is sold you receive a referral fee. 


Frank Maranzino, FICF, CSA, MGA

FIC CA/NV Emeritus