Why Choose Us?


Frank has Over 25 years of Life Insurance Experience, and prior Banking, and Stock Brokerage Experience, totaling 37 years in Finance. He Graduated from the New York Institute of Finance, was nominated to be the First President (Emeritus) of California/Nevada Fraternal Insurance Counselors. He has earned a Fellowship in the FIC, is a Certified Senior Advisor, and is a Standing Member in the National Ethics Association. Frank Authored the Amazon book, "The Ambiguities of Annuities" He is a Licensed Broker, that has a great team of specialist, to work for you with the marketing of your Policy to strong Investment groups, for the best return.

After decades of Life Insurance, Annuity, and Healthcare products, he saw the growing demand to help satisfy those in need of financial benefit from their unwanted, unneeded, or badly performing policies. Collaborating with a dynamic experienced team of experts in, placement, and negotiating, we know we can obtain the highest bid for your policy.


Now you can use this strong expertise to obtain the best offer for your policy. Be smart, use the power of a tough team of experts to obtain the top dollar for you, 


Who Wins When Your Life Policy is Settled ?

 You the client, you will receive much more than the Cash Value in your policy, several times more, and your premiums assumed by the buyer (Investment Group).  The Insurance company wins, they continue getting their premiums from the new purchaser, your Agent keeps his persistency against policy losses, the Broker make a commission, and the Investment Group (someday) will receive the death benefit, (Less their paid premiums, expenses, maintenance, administrative fees, Transfer fees,legal fees, etc)... Nobody loses.  It's a perfect solution for those who no longer want the premium burden, or have no need any longer.


Getting something is better than getting nothing, but having the power, and experience, to negotiate a larger something, is even better.  Ask Wall Street...I've been there.....

When your prior solution becomes a problem, don't just let it go, profit from it....Knowledge is Power.... We have it.. and it is yours.